The Vectrade Global's mission is to meet the needs of the Global Aviation Market by providing the most

modern and comprehensive equipment & fleet support available, complemented by highest

standard of product knowledge. Vectrade Global believes in providing its principals a one stop window

for having direct access to customers requirements.

Partnering with Vectrade Global leaves you at ease as we bring an experience of about a decades to

our job. Our consultants are well experiences, Ex Service men and aviation experts that have worked in the field at some very key appointments and have access right up-to the decision making


Leadership & initiative drives Vectrade Global which puts us on an ambition is to be an international trading company looking after the interests of the aviation sector and its key suppliers globally.

Our round the clock business support/ service is available to you and accountable in exhausting our

resource to maximum strength to provide you ultimate service in achieving your goal. Vectrade Global

enables its customers to focus on their critical, competitive advantages by supplying a superior

combination of products while combining Vectrade services for product promotion to achieve the

ultimate goal.

We thrive on establishing a relationship of with our principals and customers. Our transparent policy

allows us to be upfront with our commission and fees in relation to market forces and ground realities

to achieve the projects. We always believe in giving the true picture and doing clean business.



 Vectrade Global is a specialist in international

collaboration on projects of Aviation,  Maintenance / Consultancy, Up-garadtion of Aviation Equipment,

Provision of ICT Equipment, C4ISR Solutions, Complete Project

Management and Consultancy in Mega Projects, Joint Ventures and

Civil Aviation Infrastructure developers.

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Areas of Specialization

-  Aircraft Airframe Maintenance

- Aircraft Engine & APU Maintenance

- Aircraft Charters (Passengers and Cargo)

- Aircraft Interior Refurbishment

- Aircraft Avionics

- Tactical Unmanned Vehicles for Surveillance

- Unmanned Vehicles for civil use

- Accessories for Aircrafts including sub components, engines, fuel tanks & data links

- Aircraft protection and safety equipment

- Complete spare support of MI-8 / 17 helicopters

- Situational awareness hardware for Air Bus and Boeing Aircrafts

- Aircraft and Helicopter simulators

- Aviation training 

- Aviation Mega Projects Consultancy

- Aviation Spares Trading

- Aviation Avionics Repair

- Helicopter Spares

- Helicopter Overhauls and Maintennace

- Complete spare support of MI-8 / 17 helicopters

Representations and Partnerships

Our Company has extensive presence in the global market by having representations of well renowned Aviation Companies in the world.

- Jet Maintenance Solutions Lithaunia

- McDonnell Douglas Helicopters USA

- Sandel Avionics USA

- X Technologies USA

- Heli Sky USA/Europe

- Intrepid Coatings USA

- Immersive Displays USA

- Del-Air Tech France

Aerospace supporting platforms

Transport & Commercial Aviation

Transport & Commercial Aviation

Transport & Commercial Aviation


 Airbus | Boeing | Bombardier | Embraer | Tupoloev | Ilyshin | Antonov | Ilyushin | ATR | Tupolev 

Business Aviation

Transport & Commercial Aviation

Transport & Commercial Aviation


 Airbus | ATR | Boeing | Bombardier | Embraer |Cessna |Fokker | Gulfstream |Hawker Beechcraft |Harbin | Diamond | Beechcraft | Falcon 

Military Aviation

Military Aviation

Military Aviation


 Alenia Aermacchi | BAE Systems | Boeing | Mcdonnell Douglas | Sukhoi | Augusta Westlands| Dassault | Northrop Grumman | Airbus Helsiopters| CATIC | Chengdu | Britten-Norman 


Military Aviation

Military Aviation


 Finmeccanica Helicopters | Bell | Boeing | Airbus Helicopters | Mcdonell Douglas| Harbin | NHI Industries | Kazan | Ulan Ude Aviation Plant 



Areas of Specialization

- Aviation engine Test Stands

- Aviation Engine Test Dynamometers

- Aviation test Cell Infrastructure

- Aviation Data Acquisition System

- Aircraft PEN Construction

- Fire control systems for T80 , T72 , T69, M48

- Up gradation of GSE

- Camouflage and IR nets

- Advanced IED protection equipment for the Airports

- Airport Jammers

- Airport Lighting systems

- Aircraft Fuel

- Ground Communication Equipment

- Night Vision devices

- Heavy Lifting Equipment

- Perimeter Security Solutions

Representations and Partnerships

Being in a competitive market, our company is well dugged in with the market trends and provide specialized ground aviation equipment and testers.

- Froude Hoffman UK/USA

- Froude Go Power Systems UK


-  Work Platform UK

- SPI Coatings UK

- Digi Network Solutions Spain

- Sun Aviation Romania

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